Warning about fraudulent communications using the name of QS

Dear delegates,

There has been an incident recently, whereby a fraudster has been contacting QS SFS delegates by phone or email, using the name of QS in an attempt to entice them into hotel booking.

The aim of this fraud is to entice the victim into making a payment for the hotel booking or even registration for the seminar via credit card and illegally storing the credit card information.

How to identify the fraud communications and react appropriately:

  1. QS does not engage any third party in their communication with delegates. Please note that all QS staff send their emails via QS or QS Branding and Conferences domains (e.g. lena@qs-asia.com or lena@qs.com). Please do not engage in any financial or other important transaction enticed by a person whose email address does not come from QS domain
  2. In the event you received a letter email or phone call that uses the name of QS, you may wish to send an inquiry by email to register@qs-asia.com to make sure the request has been legitimately put forward on behalf of QS.
  3. Do not respond to any of the email addresses, telephone or fax numbers enclosed in the communications from the unfamiliar source before ensuring the authenticity of the communicator by taking step 2 above.