A Guide to Attending QS Branding and Conferences Events

With limited time and budget, deciding which events to attend can be a difficult decision. The following is a concise guide to QS Branding and Conferences’s events bouquet to help you find the event that is right for you.

The Common Denominator

Regardless of which QS Branding and Conferences event you choose to attend, you are assured of the following:

  • Excellent speakers and an engaging event format designed around your needs as a member of the audience.
  • Networking with other participants, including high-level decision-makers, during coffee breaks and conference meals.
  • A world-class venue in a convenient-to-reach location, with food and beverage (including vegetarian and/or halal options) included in the registration fee, so you can focus on the content and relationship building. Preferential rates at an international standard hotel and an economical accommodation option are always offered. Official hotels are either walking distance from the venue, or have a shuttle bus service.
Broad or Focused?

QS Branding and Conferences organizes two types of events: large conferences with around 500-1,000 participants and a broad focus on higher education excellence in a particular region, and small focused events with around 150-200 participants that highlight a particular subject or higher education topic of global relevance.

Conferences offer a large pool for networking, a great diversity in content and an exhibition and are very well suited for “exploration”, i.e. finding new ideas and best-practices, seeking out new partners and staying abreast of the latest trends. Because of the large number of regular participants, the conferences are also a great place to meet many partners and experts from around the world in one place.

QS Branding and Conferences’s main conferences are:

  • QS Branding and Conferences Pacific Professional Leaders in Education (QS-APPLE) Conference & Exhibition which is held annually in Asia Pacific, usually in November. Website:
  • QS Middle East & North Africa Professional Leaders in Education (QS-MAPLE) Conference & Exhibition which is held annually in the Middle East and North Africa, usually in March or May. Website:
  • QS-WORLDWIDE Conference & Exhibition which is held occasionally outside of Asia and North Africa, most recently in Russia (2015).

If you are interested in a particular topic, then focused events are a natural choice, not only offering more targeted topics, but also speakers and participants who share your interests. Being smaller makes QS seminars more personal and intimate, but no less diverse in terms of the institutions and countries represented. If you are a dean, program manager or policy adviser in a specific field, QS Branding and Conferences’s seminars can give you the focus you need.

QS Branding and Conferences’s main seminars are:

  • QS Subject Focus Summit tackles a particular subject, and the challenges and opportunities that subject faces. Deans and chair professors should attend. Website:
  • QS In Conversation tackles a particular topic, such as “women in higher education”, “university-government collaboration” or “ASEAN higher education” and brings together key academic leaders and non-academic stakeholders. Website:
  • QS WorldClass is an exclusive by-invitation-only seminar for university presidents and vice-presidents, focusing on university strategy and strategic partnerships, including with industry. Website:
  • QS Summer School Summit focuses on short-term academic programs with a hands-on, interactive approach. Summer school directors should attend. The Summit is held in December. Website:
How to Decide?

Rather than deciding between broad or focused events, why not attend one of each? Make sure you attend a large conference in a region of interest for “exploration”, and one or two focused seminars to gain “in depth” knowledge and networking on a specific topic.

Alternatively you can send a colleague who is a subject-expert from your institution, such as a dean or program manager, to a relevant seminar. Attending a QS seminar can quickly convert a sceptic of higher education internationalization into an enthusiastic supporter and change leader.

And if you are still unsure, perhaps start by attending an event that is close to you. QS events are being held somewhere in the world almost every single month, so keep an eye on the QS Branding and Conferences events calendar , as new events are being continuously announced. You could also combine a QS event with a visit to partner universities, student fairs, etc.

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