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QS Asia takes pride in providing interactive and innovative programs for academics and 2017 is set to be no different. With 7 events already confirmed and more being planned, 2017 is set to be an action-packed year of academic conferences, seminars and summits.

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  • New retrievable technique invented by Iraqi scientist for 3D root canal filling
    Iraq – Carrier-based obturation of root canals was first described by Ben Johnson in 1978, and Thermafil (Dentsply Tulsa Dental, Tulsa, OK) was introduced as a carrier based obturation material with a solid core during the 1990s. Obturators have been designed to correspond to the ISO standardised file sizes and to the tapered nickel titanium […]
  • International students the answer to manpower issue in Denmark
    A new grant order and fast-track plan have been proposed by Denmark’s radical left party to retain and attract foreign talents.  Sofie Carsten Nielsen, spokesperson for Denmark’s radical left party and former minister for higher education and science (2014-15) has proposed a grant order that will entice international students to secure jobs in Denmark upon […]
  • Dongsha coral reefs reveal influence of human nitrogen emissions
    Taiwan – Prof Abby Hao-Jia Ren of the Department of Geosciences led an international team seeking to obtain the first direct evidence for the influence of anthropogenic nitrogen (N) sources on the open ocean. The team’s findings were published in a study titled “21st-Century Rise in Anthropogenic Nitrogen Deposition on a Remote Coral Reef” in […]
  • More Pakistani students are looking at Chinese universities as their top university choice
    Pakistani students are also becoming part of the cultural exchange enhancement and relationship building strategies between the two countries.   China is now the most popular country of choice for Pakistani students looking to study abroad. According to a senior official in the Pakistan Embassy, there are approximately 2,500 Pakistani students enrolled in Chinese universities […]
  • Supporting special educational needs teachers with neuroscience
    Hong Kong – In a class of students with special educational needs (SEN), many can be engaged in different activities at the same time, from playing a mathematics game on a tablet computer in one corner and counting numbers in another to doing addition on worksheets elsewhere. In the typical SEN classroom, teachers are required […]